Volition Games thanks fans for 30 years of support, Saints Row future remains murky

Volition Games thanks fans for 30 years of support, Saints Row future remains murky
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Saints Row publisher Deep Silver has stated that all of Volition Games’ IPs, including Saints Row and Red Faction, will live on at PLAION. It’s currently unclear, though, whether they will continue to produce content for the reboot released in 2022.

ORIGINAL STORY FOLLOWS: Following Embracer Group’s decision to shutter Volition Games, the development team responsible for creating the beloved Saints Row and Red Faction FPS series’, has now released a heartfelt message thanking their fans for 30 years of support that kept them going “throughout all this time.”

In a letter posted through the studio’s official Twitter account, Volition Games said: “Thirty years of making games. There are only a handful of studios in the industry that have been around for 30 years, and we took a lot of pride over Volition being one of them.” “Sometimes it’s easier to remember the games more than the studio that built them, especially for those that have been around as long as we have,” their message continued. “But all good things come to an end, and so it is with Volition.”

Alas, with Volition Games now having been shuttered, the fate of their popular action adventure series in Saints Row remains murky at the time of writing. Though the developers had previously released a roadmap detailing their plans for the current year and beyond, the promised expansion and new content may be put on the back-burner for now.

Volition Games’ former lead video editor also stated in a tweet that they have “no idea what happens to the SR2 PC patch now.” However, they did express their frustration at the possibility of it being scrapped entirely as they revealed that former Volition developer Mike Watson spent his last few days working on the project while battling cancer.

Unfortunately, Volition isn’t the first casualty of Embracer Group’s ongoing ruthless restructuring process as another studio in Campfire Cabal had also been shuttered a few weeks back. And with the video game holding company still reeling from their failed $2 billion mega-deal with alleged partner Savvy Games Group, this sadly may not be the last studio that suffers the wrath of the ever-volatile games industry.