Microsoft has today announced Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise, the sequel to Rare's acclaimed Xbox 360 garden simulation. Trouble in Paradise sees players returning to Piñata Island to rebuild a computer data base in order to ensure parties around the world are not prevented from taking place.

The game will feature more than 100 different species of piñata, 32 of which are new to game, all of which can be attracted to the player's garden.

New in the sequel is cooperative play, enabling a second player to plug in a second controller and join in the fun of creating a garden. The second player has access to all tools, actions and activities, but can collect magic by helping.

Customisation options have also been massively enhanced, offering more choice in garden creation, including the ability to place sand and snow in the garden to make exotic species of piñata feel more at home. Themes can also be used to transform gardens into exciting locations such as a space centre, a pirate cove or a haunted graveyard.

A novel feature comes through support of the Xbox LIVE Vision camera, with which special cards can be scanned to insert content directly into the game.

Although cutesy in appearance, the first Viva Piñata title was quite a complex game to play, so much so that it was quite difficult for younger players to take part. The good news is that the sequel will feature a host of game modes designed to ensure players of all skill levels can enjoy being part of Piñata Island.

Just for Fun Mode is designed for beginner players and kids, allowing players to jump into the garden and interact with the piñata world. The difficulty level has been turned down, with Sour piñatas staying away and resident piñatas remaining healthy. Weeds won't mess up the garden and an infinite chocolate coin bank account will ensure the garden can be turned into a utopia.

Another new feature is Photo Mode, enabling players to capture photos of their piñatas and garden to share over Xbox LIVE. It will also be possible to turn the pictures into a piñata game card to send to friends which can then be scanned into their game.

Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise is scheduled for release in September exclusively for Xbox 360.