Having already secured Tekken 6 from Namco Bandai, the PlayStation 3 has now notched up its second beat 'em up in Virtua Fighter 5. The latest in the long running arcade series from SEGA features 17 fighters, both new and old.

Character customisation will be possible, with players being able to choose from four costumes per character and a range of items that can be attached to various locations on each fighter. These items can be bought with in-game money, earned through winning various fights and competitions in the game.

New to Virtua Fighter 5 is the Offensive Move, a new manoeuvre that makes it easier to approach your opponent from the side, adding a whole new element of strategy to battles. Being a next-gen title the game should look gorgeous, with high definition visuals running at 720p (No 1080p?).

"Virtua Fighter 5 will offer fans the ultimate next-generation fighting game experience," said Scott A. Steinberg, Vice President of Marketing, SEGA of America, Inc. "For years, the industry has talked about bringing the arcade experience to the living room. Virtua Fighter 5 fulfils this promise, and then some."

Virtua Fighter 5 will be appearing in video only form at E3 at the SEGA booth.