Darksiders developer Vigil was working on a secret new title codenamed Crawler which was making jaws drop internally at THQ, president Jason Rubin has revealed.

"The price that the teams and products 'went for' at auction seem to me to have no bearing on the underlying value," Rubin told Game Informer. "If someone tries to judge the quality of the products by the price paid for them they are doing themselves no favour.

"The best example of this is Vigil's title, codenamed Crawler. When the teams got together recently to show each other their titles, Crawler dropped the most jaws. It is a fantastic idea, and truly unique. The fact that nobody bid for the team and title is a travesty. It makes no sense to me."

He added: "If I weren't barred from bidding as an insider, I would have been there with my checkbook. I'm sure that's little consolation to the team, but that's a fact."

Regarding the publisher's back catalogue of properties such as Red Faction and Darksiders, Rubin says these will all go up for sale shortly.

"There will be a separate process to sell off the back catalogue and IP. That process will take place in the coming weeks," he explained.

As for Rubin himself, he says the focus is on "helping the THQ employees who are out of work find jobs. I am lucky enough that this process doesn't negatively impact my family. That is not true for hundreds of people".

Source: Game Informer

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