The videoGaiden guys return to our tele boxes on Sunday night and not only will they be bringing us the best in video games TV, but are also hoping to persuade SEGA to finish the Shenmue story and release Shenmue 3.

"videoGaiden proudly presents THE SHENMUE 3 APPEAL, the ultimate campaign to force the games industry into finishing the glorious story that was started by Yu Suzuki all those years ago," reads a statement from Rab Florence, the cherub faced co-host of videoGaiden. "With the influence of videoGaiden, the power of the British Broadcasting Corporation, and the collective multimedia might of gamers everywhere, how can we possibly fail?"

So how can you, the games buying public, help make Shenmue 3 a reality? It's simple really - just spread the word, and make sure every website and video game forum the world over posts news of the campaign. Weekly updates on the progress of the campaign will feature on videoGaiden, beginning with the first episode on November 5.

You'll need to tune into BBC2 Scotland at 11:10, which you can also access on Digital if you don't live in Scotland. You can read more about the campaign over on the videoGaiden website.

Here are some more stirring words from Rab: "We will fight the good fight. We will march on their buildings. We will sing songs of praise. We will write golden words that will lift the hearts of this increasingly cold industry. We will make them all say "Yes." We will make this industry do something for us."

In truth there's a second side to this campaign, fronted by videoGaiden co-host Ryan Macleod. Ryan is against the Shenmue comeback, and is instead campaigning to spread the word on how poor the Shenmue series really is. Seeing as Rab is the funny one and Ryan looks a little like Jasper Carrott and Agent 47's love child, we're backing Rab's campaign all the way.

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