Eagle-eyed gamers have spotted a listing on the PEGI website for the rhythm action title Vib Ribbon. The game is listed for the PSN and has been awarded a 3+ rating.

The original Vib Ribbon was released back in the 90s for the PSone and uniquely loaded the game into RAM and then allowed the player to use any music CD to play against. The game used the music to generate a unique level and it was the player's task to time button presses in order to successfully complete the level.

Also unique to the game were the simple white vector line graphics, which formed the level and the main character, a rabbit called Vibri.

It's not currently clear if the Vib Ribbon game listed by PEGI is the PSone game to be made available on PSN, as have lots of other PSone titles, or the previously hinted at remake.

Back in March 2007 Masaya Matsuura (designer and musician) said: "We are discussing the possibility of making a downloadable version of Vib Ribbon for Sony. But, I don't know yet - Sony only recently launched their downloadable service in Japan, so maybe we need to wait a while before releasing a title with that kind of appeal."

Update: Sony says "no new version" is in the works.