Vampyr’s major PC patch makes combat less of a pain in the neck

Vampyr’s major PC patch makes combat less of a pain in the neck
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Vampyr developer Dontnod Entertainment has released the first major update for the PC edition of its grisly blood-sucking adventure. 

Combat seems to be the main focus of the patch, with players now able to switch between targets with the mouse wheel, which should come in handy when faced with a gaggle of ghouls looking to shove a pointy object through your heart.

Meanwhile, a new feature sees the Recovery Icon displaying correctly when someone is healing.

There's also a number of bug fixes doing the rounds, such as fixing a problem where spoiler characters spawned incorrectly, removing an issue where players could escape the map in Southwark, and eliminating green flickering. 

Crucially, Dontnod has also provided steps for fixing the Low Level Fatal Crash error, so be sure to have a butcher's at the patch notes for more info.

Vampyr was released in early June for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. Sink your teeth into our review here.