Vampire: The Masquerade reveal just might be coming next month

Vampire: The Masquerade reveal just might be coming next month
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Remember Tender, Paradox Interactive's ARG dating app that seemed to be hinting at a new Vampire: The Masquerade game? Well, people have been digging a little deeper into the app since it went live, and have come up with some convincing info that suggests something is in the pipeline.

The snooping has uncovered a bunch of hidden codes, in addition to leaked memos from Malcolm Chandler, the app's CEO. The latest of these 'leaks' is the most interesting.

'We must be ready for San Francisco on March 21st,' it reads (via Game Informer). '300 Tender users will be invited to a private party, some of them flown from around the world. . . This will be the biggest announcement in the history of my company.'

What's so significant about this? Well, March 21 just so happens to be when GDC 2019 is happening, and not only that, but it takes place in San Francisco, too. Coincidence? Surely not. 

If that isn't interesting enough, a bunch of videos streamed by the company on Twitch have further hinted at a new game, with words such as 'Illuminati,' 'Witchcraft,' and 'Video Games' fading in and out of view. 

Nothing has been confirmed yet, obviously, but fingers crossed Paradox has something in the pipeline, eh?