The co-creator of Valve's Counter-Strike franchise has been arrested by Seattle police on suspicion of sexual exploitation of a child. 

According to a report on Kotaku, Cliffe, 36, was booked in the early hours of this morning (1.17am PST) and has now been suspended by Valve pending further details. Authorities have yet to reveal any additional information on the case.

At the time of writing Cliffe has not been charged with any crime but has been refused bail, though a hearing will take place on Friday. The Valve developer was previously arrested back in 2013 on assault charges, though the case was later dropped. 

'We are still learning details of what actually happened,' said Valve. 'Reports suggest he has been arrested for a felony offence. As such we have suspended his employment until we know more.'

Cliffe formed the hugely successful Counter-Strike way back in 1999 with Minh Lee, and worked on other major Valve titles such as Half-Life 2, Team Fortress 2, and Left 4 Dead 2. 

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