Valve isn't the closest of friends with the PlayStation 3. While a version of its Orange Box collection did make it onto PS3, it only did so via an EA development studio and wasn't handled in-house at Valve. Then came Left 4 Dead and this year's Left 4 Dead 2 which completely ignored the PS3.

But what of the future for Valve and the PS3? According to recent comments by Valve boss Gabe Newell the situation doesn't look likely to change.

In the latest episode of G4TV, host Geoff Keighley asked Newell: "Are you guys working on PlayStation 3 here now, trying to understand it, trying to get better at it?"

To which he replied: "Uh, no. not in any real way."

It looks like PS3 gamers hoping for support from Valve, perhaps even a port of Left 4 Dead, are out of luck.

Via Kotaku