The development and launch of Crucible, the new MOBA from Amazon Game Studios, has not been affected by Valorant, the new tactical shooter from Riot Games (via Inverse). 

Though the games are offering different experiences, they are competing in the same space at the same time for players. And, that’s not to mention the kingfishes of the pond which have established themselves and cultivated a community for quite some time, like CS:GO, Fortnite, Overwatch, and Apex Legends. Valorant has seen significant success on Twitch, which is interesting because Amazon actually owns the streaming platform. When asked whether the competition has influenced Crucible’s direction in a developer preview event, the answer was “not a whole lot.”

“By the time they were announced and we got to see everything, our plan was kind of locked in place," said Crucible creative director Eric Flannum. “We definitely follow every game that comes out and are just excited when another great game comes out, especially one that we think can expand the shooter space and bring new people into it.”

Competition is “opportunity,” according to Amazon Game Studios, and Crucible is unique enough in style and gameplay to be distinguishable. “[Valorant and Crucible] are very different games,” continued Flannum. “The thing that Jon [Peters, senior combat designer] is very fond of saying is that we really just tried to make a game that would stand on its own and was unique. [Crucible is] composed of a lot of familiar elements but hopefully feels very unique in and of itself when you play it.”

Crucible is out now for PC. 

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