If you didn't catch BloodRayne at the cinema then you really didn't miss much. Uwe Boll's motion picture based on Terminal Reality's gore-filled action title was slammed by critics and snubbed by the movie-going public, but these seemingly terminal factors don't appear to have made it through to Boll - he's only gone and announced BloodRayne 2!

There's no information on casting for the sequel - although events from the first film may have a say in who is able to return. BloodRayne 2 probably won't be hitting screens anytime soon as the master of video game to film adaptations is currently working on a film based on the Postal games.

If you're interested in just how bad BloodRayne the movie actually is, it currently resides at No.51 in the top 100 worst films on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB.com).