UT3 on Xbox 360 will have better graphics than on PS3, Epic chief Mark Rein has hinted.

Speaking to VideoGamer.com at the game's official unveiling in Las Vegas this week, Rein said that because Epic has spent more time on the 360 version compared with the PS3 version of the game it had benefited from more optimisation, and said that gamers "can draw your own conclusions from that".

The 360 version of UT3 features two-player split-screen support across all modes except online ranked, to prevent cheating. It also contains three brand new maps, two re-imagined maps and two new characters, as well as all the DLC from the PS3 and PC versions.

When asked what version of UT3 has the better graphics, Rein replied: "You'll have to judge that for yourself. I think it goes without saying that the more time you spend on a product the more optimisation you get, and you can draw your own conclusions from that. But this is a great version of the game. And now we have split screen as well. A lot of optimisation was necessary for this version to get decent performance with split screen. That was no easy task."

He added: "We heard from the PS3 guys they really wanted split-screen. Maybe if we'd spent eight more months on the game like we have here. But a lot of work has gone into making this game fast and smooth enough to be able to do split screen and still maintain a high frame rate. This is a very good version of the game. I don't think anyone's going to feel that this is anything but our best. I mean anything but our best effort. Just like all the other versions we've really put in a lot of effort in this version."

Check back with VideoGamer.com next week for our hands-on preview of UT3 on Xbox 360. Check out the first footage of the Xbox 360 version of UT3 over on the VideoGamer.com video player.

Unreal Tournament 3 is due out for Xbox 360 in Summer 2008. The PC and PS3 versions are out now.