Nintendo's latest Wii Channel, downloadable games service WiiWare, is set to launch for American Wii gamers today. Six titles ranging from 500 Wii Points to 1,500 Wii Points will be available.

The six games users will have to choose from are Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King (1,500 Wii Points), Lost Winds (1,000 Wii Points), Defend Your Castle (500 Wii Points), Pop (700 Wii Points), VIP Casino: Blackjack (700 Wii Points) and TV Show King (1,000 Wii Points).

New titles are scheduled to be added every Monday.

After an hour of play with a WiiWare game, users are able to rate the title on the newly launched Nintendo Channel. The results of user voting will provide gamers with a guide to which WiiWare titles are good and which are best avoided.

WiiWare's next stop is Europe, with the launch set for May 20, although the launch line-up is still to be confirmed.