Uplay members will be granted "privilege access" to Far Cry 3's upcoming multiplayer beta, Ubisoft has revealed.

Speaking to VideoGamer.com yesterday during Ubisoft's Digital Days 2012 event, Uplay's brand development manager Alexandra Andrieux revealed that "there are programs for our Uplay members to have privilege access to the [Far Cry 3] beta when the game launches.

"In the American territories... they have the ability to participate in the beta because we know that they are a Uplay member and we put them first."

Access to the beta was previously only guaranteed to North American customers who pre-ordered Ghost Recon: Future Soldier at GameStop.

It's not yet known whether European Uplay members will also be granted automatic access to the beta, or how access to the beta will be managed.

In August, Ubisoft teased that European users "will have the chance to receive a code [granting access to the beta] as we get closer to the beta".

Far Cry 3's multiplayer beta was first announced back in May. It had been due to run on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 over the summer.

It still hasn't launched, presumably as a result of the game being delayed to November.

Uplay is Ubisoft's online service that allows users to track their stats and compare in-game achievements with friends. You can sign up for the service here or on your console through a Ubisoft title.