by on Aug 14, 2014

Until Dawn ‘around 9 hours long’, ‘has hundreds of endings’

Until Dawn will be “approximately 9 hours” long and feature “hundreds of endings”, according to the first previews of the game.

The number of endings will derive directly from the game’s Butterfly Effect system, a mechanic that carves out new narrative paths based on the player’s choices.

“Until Dawn is all about player choice, offering thousands of play paths that lead to hundreds of possible endings,” reads Destructoid’s report. “A lot of this is tied to one of the game’s mechanics called the Butterfly Effect.

“As eight friends stranded in a mountain getaway work to survive, you’ll control each of them, making choices for them. The paths you go down take every action into consideration, from small choices, like choosing to pick up a book, to large moral dilemmas. You might have to decide to shoot your friend in the head, for example.”

The fate of each character will be decided by these decisions, and once they die, they’re gone for good. There are “no restarts here”, Destructoid adds.

Meanwhile, Kotaku claims to have been told by the game’s executive producer that one playthrough of Until Dawn will take around 9 hours, with players encouraged to replay it to see all the possible outcomes.

Until Dawn launches exclusively on PS4 in 2015.


Until Dawn

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