SEGA has announced that Universe at War: Earth Assault, currently in development for PC and Xbox 360, will feature cross-platform multiplayer thanks to Microsoft's LIVE service.

The PC game, due out this holiday season, will support Games for Windows LIVE and is said to be the first third-party title that will offer multiplayer between Games for Windows players and Xbox 360 gamers.

PC gamers won't be able to battle with Xbox 360 gamers from the get go though, with the console version scheduled to arrive several months later than the PC game.

"Cross-platform play between PC and consoles has been a dream of gamers for many years," said Scott A. Steinberg, Vice President of Marketing, SEGA of America, Inc. "Now that dream has become reality. We are very excited that Universe at War: Earth Assault is at the fore front of supporting Microsoft's Games for Windows - Live initiative, bridging the PC and Xbox 360 gap."

Universe at War is likely to be the first of many titles offering cross-platform multiplayer, following Microsoft's rollout of Games for Windows LIVE.