Clever Endeavour has announced that it intends to bring its popular PC party platformer Ultimate Chicken Horse to consoles, with a PlayStation 4 version ready to launch on December 12.

In case you weren't aware, Ultimate Chicken Horse is a game that sees players take turns to reach a goal in what starts as a blank level, but between each round players must place components and traps in said level and then race against their opponents to finish the resultant Frankenstein's monster of a stage.

The team intended to have all three console versions ready to launch simultaneously, but mention on their announcement post that 'unfortunate issues arose' preventing them from doing so. However, the Xbox One version will follow after the PS4 version as it's 'really close to ready' and the Nintendo Switch version will follow in 2018. 

The PS4 release will also coincide with the 'Elephantastic Update' which adds a huge number of new features, including new levels, new blocks and traps and a new Challenge Mode. All these features will be included in the console versions upon their respective launches. You can read the full list of additions on the Ultimate Chicken Horse website.

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