Game-creation platform Roblox is coming to Xbox One on January 27, it's been confirmed.

The platform lets users create their own games and virtual worlds using blocks of varying shapes and sizes, and play new games developed by others, with 15 user-created games included with the Xbox One version at launch.

It will be available to download completely free of charge.

"Developing Roblox for the Xbox One was an entirely new and ambitious project," Roblox software engineer Dan Healy wrote on the game's blog. "It's a game that is unlike anything on the Xbox One and pushes a lot of boundaries that no other titles have ventured into. We worked very closely with Microsoft to make a product that fits into the mission and vision of Roblox as an Imagination Platform.

"As such, Roblox on Xbox is a stronger product than we originally thought we would be able to develop."

Existing Roblox players will be able to link their accounts directly to their Xbox, allowing them to continue using the same account across console, PC and mobile. If you don't have a Roblox account, you'll simply be able to sign in using your Xbox Live Gamertag.

New games meanwhile, will be added to the platform "in the weeks following release", suggesting console players may not be able to share their creations at launch.

"The architecture that Roblox on Xbox is built with is using Roblox's own code, meaning we can easily add new games to the library," continued Healy. "Right now we have 15 games slated for release date, and we're working closely with developers to add more in the weeks following release.

"It's still our goal to have Roblox on Xbox operate in the same fashion as Roblox on all other platforms, where creators can publish their places and games and see them instantly appear on every device. This is just stage one, and we'll see how Roblox on Xbox performs in 2016."

For a look at what to expect, check out the gameplay trailer below.

Source:, ROBLOX

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