Fumito Ueda, creator of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, has confirmed he remains at work on PlayStation 3 exclusive The Last Guardian.

Last week it was rumoured that Ueda had left Sony, but would complete his work on The Last Guardian in a freelance capacity.

Taking to Twitter, Ueda has moved to assure fans that he does remain hard at work on The Last Guardian, but stopped short of confirming his employment status at Sony and Team Ico.

If rumours of Ueda's departure from Sony are true it's believed he will embark on personal projects once The Last Guardian is complete - whenever that happens to be.


At VideoGamer.com we had a cheeky sweepstake on the release date for The Last Guardian, with Tom Orry offering up a soft drink of the winner's choice. Of all the editorial staff only myself and Mr Gaston remain in the running for the beverage.

I opted for March/April 2012, whilst Martin went for a hugely delayed Christmas 2012. Our editor was the most optimistic, suggesting August/September 2011 - everyone laugh at his optimism.

Via 1UP