Ubisoft has announced Bloody Good Time, a new multiplayer shooter being developed by Outerlight (The Ship) for Xbox LIVE Arcade and Steam.

Built using Valve's Source Engine, Bloody Good Time puts players on a Hollywood set, where they will do whatever it takes to get a break in the industry.

Famous Horror movie producer Director X has arrived in town and he always manages to astonish his audience with the realism of his scenes. What you and seven other wannabe actors don't know is that Director X films real action.

The game will feature eight different characters - The Surfer, The Beach babe, The Goth, The Bunny girl, The Showgirl, The Clown, The Gambler and The Stoner - with the action taking place across three Hollywood maps: beach, casino and horror house.

There are also four game modes playable online for up to eight players:

Hunt: hunt down and kill your quarry, but look out for the unknown hunter that is stalking you.

Elimination: murder your way through the cast one quarry at a time to be crowned the last man standing.

Revenge: Each murder earns you a new quarry, but adds to the list of players out for violent revenge. Watch your back.

Death Match: Everyone is a target, no rule here.

Bloody Good Time is scheduled for release on October 27, 2010.

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