Ubisoft's We Dare, which launches this week on Wii and PS3, will feature a 'Parental Discretion Advised' sticker on the box in order to ensure parents are fully aware of the adult-orientated nature of the party game.

"We Dare is intended for a mature audience and Ubisoft created its marketing campaign accordingly," Ubisoft told Cubed3. "The PEGI ratings system is decided upon by a pan-European body and the rating for this game was bestowed by the independent PEGI board. Ubisoft has added a 'Parental Discretion Advised' sticker to the game in order to ensure that parents are informed of the potential sensitive nature of the game content."

Commenting on how it had reached the 12 rating, PEGI explained that only the in-game content was assessed.

"PEGI does not take into account the context of a game when rating it, we only look at the contents of the game," read a PEGI statement. "[We Dare] has been rated as a PEGI 12 because it contains mild swearing, minor assault on a human-like character and words/activities that amount to obvious sexual innuendo, explicit sexual descriptions or images and sexual posturing."

A PEGI spokesperson added that a higher age rating was considered, but the proposal was rejected by the VSC.

"This means that the game itself is in fact less sexual/offensive than the marketing campaign leads us to believe (for example, you cannot see real spanking in the game. There is a 'stripping game' but you don't have to undress; throwing away keys or anything that reduces your weight is good enough)," explained the rep.