Far Cry Vengeance is based on Far Cry Evolution and expands the game with an all-new storyline, new maps and new weapons. The game will also take full advantage of the Wii remote and Nunchuck controller, giving players the ability to drive, shoot, slash, jump and climb.

As Jack you'll have a selection of weapons at your disposal including a machete and a machine gun, and getting about is made easier by hopping onto vehicles such as ATVs, hovercrafts, pickup trucks, and Jet Skis.

In addition to the single-player game, Vengeance will feature Chaos mode, a new multiplayer game where you battle to be the last man standing. Presumably this is a split-screen game mode, as the press release makes no mention of online play.

Far Cry Vengeance is scheduled to arrive on day one with the Wii.