Ubisoft believes Far Cry could become one of the biggest-selling properties on next-generation consoles.

Ubisoft's intentions for the IP were revealed during the publisher's fiscal year earnings call last night, where it said it believed Far Cry was a "strong contender" to become one of the next-generation's strongest IPs.

Confidence in the series has grown following Far Cry 3's success. The title managed to ship 6 million units following its release last November, exceeding Ubisoft's initial expectations.

The publisher anticipates that future releases could place the series amongst the top 20 best-selling IPs next-gen.

Far Cry isn't the only IP Ubisoft is pinning its hopes on next-gen. The publisher also believes that open-world title Watch Dogs could also place amongst the top 20 sellers.

Source: Ubisoft FY13 Earnings Presentation