Speaking at the UBS Annual Global Media Conference (reported by Gamasutra), Ubisoft CFO Alain Martinez noted that Prince of Persia sales in the region of 2.5 to three million "is clearly achievable".

"If it goes to four or five [million], then there is an upside factor for the company," explained Martinez. "If it goes to 1.5 million, then there is a downside factor."

Martinez also noted that the marketplace is now much more crowded and as a result the "competition is tougher". However, he pointed out that Ubisoft has raised its guidance "three times this year".

The Ubisoft CFO also spoke about Far Cry 2, which launched in October to a mixed reception (we though it was great). Martinez expects the title to be a steady long-term seller and projects sales of 2.5 to three million.

Last month Ubisoft announced that Far Cry 2 had reached one million sales after three weeks of availability.