Ubisoft has announced Watch Dogs, a brand new IP from Ubisoft Montreal that sees players playing as Aiden Pearce, a cyber-hacker hunting targets across Chicago.

The game appears to be a futuristic, open-world take on Hitman, with players able to hack in to telephone calls and personal records of civilians around them, unlocking clues to find their target and access new intel.

Players will also be able to manipulate objects in the environment. In one scene, Pearce is shown hacking into traffic lights, causing a traffic accident.

According to Creative Director Jonathan Morin, Pearce is "a man shaped by violence and obsessed by turbulence.

"Every citizen's darkest secrets will be at your fingertips. Think about it for a second what would you do with that power."

A release date and supported platforms were not revealed.

More details to follow.