Ubisoft's UbiArt Framework is restricted more by the quality of the player's TV than the rendering capabilities of the consoles, the publisher has claimed.

Discussing the rendering capabilities of the engine with VideoGamer.com earlier today, Ubisoft France managing director Xavier Poix said that the publisher had "designed Framework [so that it] could go cross-platform, so there is no specific focus on one console.

"Actually it's more limited to the quality of the TV than the consoles right now, because the consoles are powerful enough with what we can do."

Ubisoft developed the UbiArt Framework platform to make it easier for developers to quickly implement their art and animations and iterate on ideas.

It has previously been used by Ubisoft Montpellier to power gorgeous 2D titles Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends, and is currently being used by Ubisoft Montreal to develop upcoming RPG Child of Light.

"Obviously, next-gen will enable us to put a lot of new stuff in the games on the Framework with particles," Poix continued, "so what we apply to the light, we could apply that to some more elements. You'll be surprised in the future that we are still pushing the boundaries... In terms of rendering [next-gen consoles are] very, very good for us."

Framework's speed and the move towards digital benefits Ubisoft tremendously, Poix suggests, with small teams able to create top-quality new IPs - something it's experimenting with Child of Light and Valiant Hearts.

"When we first created Framework, we had in mind a goal [that] if we succeed in creating the tools that are convenient and powerful enough then at some point we really could create games with very small teams. With small teams the risk is lower, so we could take some more risk in terms of creating new IPs.

"But [in the past], what we were missing was a new way of distributing the games. When it was only retail, it was hard to put many different games on shelves. So now that digital is there, the reality is access to directly link with potential players of the game.

"The first test this year is to show different games - Valiant Hearts and Child of Light - made different in terms of gameplay, in terms of art and to see what is impacted. It's also a good way of putting smaller teams on games to have them [inaudible] in between two huge games that we also love creating at Ubisoft."

Ubisoft formally announced Child of Light earlier today, confirming a 2014 release on current & next-gen consoles and PC.