Call of the Tenebrae, the first of two DLCs that were announced for Two Worlds II, launched recently, and the devs announced it's available as a stand alone game, worth about 20 hours of play time.

Two Worlds II is a fantasy RPG that originally released in 2010. It looks like developer Reality Pump may have realised that since then a lot of kids, who didn't buy Two Worlds II, have grown up and have expendable income of their own. 

If you kept the faith and held on to a copy of Two Worlds II, you can still get Call of the Tenebrae as DLC for about four quid cheaper: the stand alone version is £12.61 on the official store, vs. £8.45 for the DLC.

There's a launch trailer, too, with lots of magic and big monsters and so on. Despite an engine update, this is still based on a game from 2010 so, uh, don't expect it to look like The Witcher 3 or anything.

It was previously confirmed that Two Worlds 3 is in development for some time in 2019, ish.