Two former Team Ico artists have formed a new indie studio and revealed an open-world adventure game.

Friend & Foe was created by Rasmus Deguchi and Rui Guerreiro, two ex-character artists who worked on The Last Guardian from 2009-2012 (via NeoGAF).

The first game revealed, Vane, is an open-world adventure about "a child with an odd ability stuck in a strange land". Some screens and small clips of the game were posted to the site.

Vane will come to PC first, with other platforms to be announced. Vane has the solid release date of "when it's done".

The second game revealed, Dangerous Men, is an action arcade game inspired by 80's buddy cop films. No screens or platforms were announced for Dangerous Men, but it also sports a "when it's done" release date.

Source: Friend & Foe blog