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The Last Guardian Review

Tom Orry Updated on by

The Last Guardian: Trico loves me, and I love him. But I also hate him

Sony’s heavily delayed and one time thought to be dead adventure game features a truly remarkable relationship at its core. Some players may not want to see it through to fruition, though, as controlling dog bird rat Trico can be a real pain.

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Read exactly what Tom thinks of Trico here.


For some The Last Guardian's iffy controls, awkward camera, and glitches might be hard to overcome. Others won't care as they experience one of the most incredible relationships in video game history.
9 Beautiful scenery and lighting The relationship is wonderful Trico is amazing Directing Trico can be a nightmare

The Last Guardian

on PlayStation 4

The latest creation from Fumito Ueda and Team ICO.

Release Date:

09 December 2016