Twitch streamer levels WoW character to 100 using a dance mat

Twitch streamer levels WoW character to 100 using a dance mat
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Twitch streamer Rudeism, who specialises in beating games in unusual ways, has completed the challenge of levelling a World of Warcraft character to 100 using only a dance mat.

Reaching the goal took five days, 11 hours, 48 minutes and 38 seconds, a mammoth effort which ended during yesterday’s seven hour stream – seen below.

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“I’m getting a little teary here,” said Rudeism on nearing the level 100 target. “Excuse me, I didn’t think I’d get teary.”

Growing his Twitch followers to over 4000, he said “we’ve made a great community of people”.

Next up is Heroes of the Storm with a guitar controller and Undertale with a dancepad, he said.

For those interested in having a go at Dancecraft at home, you’ll find the rules you need to follow below.

  • You can use one or two dance pads ONLY to play the game.
  • Hands, keyboards and mice can be used for Alt-Tabbing, or logging in/out. Nothing else.
  • If you can chat using the dance pads, it is allowed. Otherwise, no chatting via typing.
  • Discord/Teamspeak/Twitch etc. are allowed for voice chat.
  • Other players may make you bags, chat on your behalf and join you in dungeons or PvP, but cannot help in any other way.
  • You may only run each dungeon ONCE. Dungeon boosting with 100s is not allowed.
  • No heirlooms of any kind.
  • No professions.
  • PvP servers ONLY.
  • If you play RPPvP, you must roll a troll monk. (Not really.)
  • You are allowed only ONE macro, no more. That macro MUST be /dance.
  • BONUS OPTIONAL RULE: No setting your Hearthstone at all.

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