Microsoft is pushing the envelope of game development, revealing that work has begun on a quadruple-A project.

Yes, Microsoft is no longer satisfied by the lavish production values of a triple-A title, instead setting its sights on AAAA status.

"Microsoft Studios (Xbox) is looking for a dynamic and seasoned executive producer to lead and develop a world-class team who will own the creation and delivery of a AAAA experience that delivers on first party goals and, more importantly, creates a fun gaming experience for our audience," reads a job advert for executive producer, Core Publishing, IEB (Interactive Entertainment Business), Microsoft Studios.

The game is also described as "a major Xbox AAAA console title".

And it doesn't look like we're dealing with a mistake; Microsoft mentions AAAA three times in the ad.

The question is: Can Microsoft produce a AAAA game for the Xbox 360, or is this only possible on the next Xbox?