Trion Worlds may consider porting fantasy MMORPG Rift to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the future, senior designer director Simon Ffinch has revealed, telling that the publisher will likely wait to "see how those consoles develop" before reaching a decision.

Discussing the possibility of Rift - which turned free-to-play last month - appearing on next-gen consoles, Ffinch claimed that the firm has no plans to develop Rift for console "right now", but refused to rule out the possibility of a PS4 or Xbox One port eventually.

"I'm not going to ever say anything definitively one way or the other on something that is that far in the future," Ffinch replied when asked whether Rift could join similar titles Elder Scrolls Online and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn on PS4 & Xbox One.

"I can say that we don't have plans for Rift going on to the console right now. Whether we will change that attitude as we see how those consoles develop, I don't know. We may well do. But right now, I don't think there would be the player base for something like Rift on those consoles until they've [been around] a little bit longer."

The arrival of next-gen consoles and their enhanced online infrastructures has prompted many MMO developers to create next-gen ports of their online titles.

The Elder Scrolls Online and Final Fantasy XIV are both due to hit PlayStation 4 next year, with the former also launching on Xbox One. Other online titles Warframe and Warthunder are also due to launch on Sony's console.

Rift turned free-to-play last month, dropping its previously adopted subscription-based model. The title has seen a "huge increase" in users following its transition to free-to-play.