Trio of indie games announced for PSN

Trio of indie games announced for PSN
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A trio of indie games have been announced for PSN, with XBLA favourite Spelunky, upcoming cult hit Divekick, and gorgeous puzzle-platformer Limbo all set to arrive on Sony platforms.

Spelunky is coming to PS3 and PS Vita in the summer, and will offer the same randomly generated platforming goodness as we saw in the PC original and XBLA version.

Mossmouth’s Derek Yu is especially excited about bringing the game to the PS Vita.

“Given that runs of Spelunky generally last anywhere from a few seconds to a half an hour, I think it’s the perfect game for a portable system!” stated Yu. “We’re going to work closely with the team porting the game to make sure that it makes good use of the Vita’s capabilities and lives up to the expectations set by that statement.”

Less well known, but likely to cause more of a stir as its release approaches, is Divekick. As the title suggests, this is a fighting game built around jumping and kicking. While it sounds a little basic, Divekick is generating great buzz at events and from the fighting game community. The game is due in the summer for PS3, PS Vita, and PC.

Finally, classic indie game Limbo, the gorgeous 2D puzzle-platformer from PlayDead is coming to the PS Vita later this year. The game is already available on XBLA, PS3, and PC.

Sony seems to be on a splendid run announcing indie games for its platforms. We’ve recently seen Frozen Synapse, Hotline Miami, and Lone Survivor announced for Sony consoles, suggesting the platform holder is trying to make indies feel at home on PS3, Vita, and PS4.

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