In a recent press release, Ubisoft revealed an interesting new twist to their console release Far Cry Instincts - traps. Originally annouced back at E3, these traps can be laid by the mercenaries to catch Jack Carver when they lose track of him and include such delights as tree branch whips, arrow launchers and claymore land mines. What's more, Ubisoft promise that the mercenaries will be able to intelligently try and lead the player into traps while organising their own attack patterns, laying the traps as they go.

Fortunately though, the player will also be able to lay traps of their own - however Carver will first have to learn how to create and lay them before he can set them up. Exactly how this is done was not revealed, however Ubisoft did stress that trap skills would be learned progressively throughout the game. It is promised, however, that the traps will be easy and fast to set up and that they can be placed almost anywhere, within reason (branch whips would have to be located on trees, for example).

Indeed, Ubisoft were keen to stress that the traps would not upset the fast pace of the game and that they were there to offer the player more options and choices when combatting the enemy - however their actual usefulness remains to be seen, given the twitchy nature of the original games enemy AI and how tricky it may prove to be to lead them into the traps (while avoiding them yourself).

No concrete details were given on multiplayer, although more news is promised soon. Far Cry Instincts is due for release in early 2005 on Xbox and PS2.