UPDATE: 31X has confirmed that Transport Tycoon will be available to download from the iTunes App Store and Google Play on October 3.

ORIGINAL STORY: The mobile reboot of Transport Tycoon will release on iOS and Android next month, AppyNation has announced.

"I'm delighted that we have finally been able to bring Transport Tycoon to mobiles and tablets and I hope that players of the original PC games and people who have never played the original will thoroughly enjoy the rejuvenated game on a platform it suits so well," said Chris Sawyer, creator of the original Transport Tycoon.

"It's been quite a challenge for the Origin8 development team to re-write the game from scratch and adapt it to the smaller touch-screen interface but the result is probably one of the most extensive and intricate games currently available for mobile platforms, a testament to Origin8's skills and to the processing power now available on these devices.

"I hope the game's size and depth of gameplay will keep players entertained and engrossed for months if not years."

To coincide with the launch window announcement, AppyNation also released a new trailer and a bunch of new screenshots.

The mobile version of Transport Tycoon is an updated version of the classic PC title, which sees players building their own transport routes to build their transport empire.

A more specific release date is expected to be announced soon.

Source: AppyNation