Total War: Rome 2 has become the fastest pre-ordered game in the series 13-year history, SEGA has announced.

Initial pre-orders for Rome 2 were six times higher than those of previous release Shogun 2, SEGA revealed, with the series managing to sell two million units during 2012 alone.

"With over two million Total War sales last year alone, without a major release, the strong start to ROME II's presales indicates a continuing and growing profile for the long-running series from UK studio Creative Assembly," said a SEGA spokesperson.

Total War: Rome 2's Collector's Edition, which includes a Tabula set and 26cm catapult, is selling out fast, too, SEGA warns. Over half the available copies have already sold out in the US.

Total War: Rome 2 launches on PC on September 3, 2013.

Source: SEGA