Creative Assembly has confirmed that Total War: Arena is closing its doors in February 2019, after the Open Beta failed to match up to the company's expectations.

Writing in a post on the Total War website, Joshua Williams, Creative Assembley's developer communications boss, revealed that the studio will be giving out free content as a means of thanking fans, with players able to choose from one of the following:

-Total War: Medieval II - Definitive Edition

-Hannibal at the Gates (Total War: Rome II DLC)

-Age of Charlemagne (Total War: Attila DLC)

-Grim and the Grave (Total War: Warhammer DLC)

While not going into precise details on the closure of Total War: Arena, Williams indicated that the game did not pull in enough punters during the Open Beta period. 

'It has been an absolute privilege to work with you all on this project, but unfortunately the results of ARENA Open Beta Test did not meet all our expectations,' he wrote. 'I would like to take a moment to thank the ARENA Team, who have poured their heart and soul into this game’s development and are just as disappointed by this as you.'

In addition to the above, players who have notched up 100 or more battles in Total War: Arena will be given 30 days of Premium Account time for their troubles, which can be used for World of Tanks/Planes/Warships.

Total War: Arena will be playable up until and including February 22, 2019, with all purchases in the game's shop disabled as of yesterday.

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