While concrete details are thin on the ground, SCi have today announced a new third person action game called Total Overdose, due to arrive summer 2005 and promising to deliver a Mexican twist on the GTA formula.

The game follows the story of Ramiro Cruz whose father is mysteriously killed on a mission for the Drug Enforcement Agency. He is released from prison when new information surrounding his fathers death is uncovered by his brother, Tommy Cruz.

As an undercover agent for the DEA, Tommy is injured in the line of work, leaving him unable to conduct an undercover investigation and so it's down to the gritty Ramiro to get to the bottom of the case (handily providing an avatar as indifferent to casual acts of violence as the player).

Plenty of vehicle-based action is promised, as is stylish gunplay and a healthy dose of alcohol, women and spicy food. Hopefullly the strong Mexican/western theme can set the game apart from being merely a GTA-alike - regardless, expect Total Overdose to be with us sometime over the summer.

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