Runic Games' Torchlight II will now be released in July, the developer has told Digital Spy. The sequel to 2009's Diablo-like cult PC hit was due for release this spring.

According to Runic Games CEO Max Schaefer, the Xbox LIVE Arcade port of Torchlight is to blame for the delay.

"I'd say that the Xbox project, having to do the extra work with the interface, has pushed us back a little bit, so we're probably talking July right now for Torchlight II," Schaefer explained.

Work on the Xbox version has, however, helped the team implement optimisations in the PC version.

"We've got load times down, we've got some animation stuff that's a little bit better, and it's feeling really good right now," added Schaefer.

Torchlight for Xbox LIVE Arcade is due for release on March 9 as part of the Xbox LIVE Arcade House Party.

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