Dungeon crawler Torchlight 3 will be getting its 'Snow & Steam' update next month, bringing a bunch of seasonally-appropriate decorations and cosmetics, as well as a rework for the Forged class and much more.

As detailed on the Torchlight 3 website, the update will add a new Contract offering a wealth of winter themed pets and fort decorations, including a Holiday Tree and even an Ugly Sweater for your cat.  There's also some new ice-based Legendary Weapons which will be added to the game alongside a new armour set for intreprid endgame-levelled players (47-60) to find while exploring the Frontier. 

Elsewhere, a new Style Station will be available for your dungeon to give your heroes a new look, while the new Fort Basements will offer you more room in your home fort as well as the ability to place fort decorations vertically. The Forged rework meanwhile overhauls the UI, and while more details will be revealed closer to the update's launch, Echtra promise it'll make the class "more interesting and viable" to play as. 

There's a bunch of other tweaks and enhancements promised to be coming along too including the ability to allow pets to fetch potions and the team will be addressing drop rates, movement skills and a bunch of fixes. For now, you can check out a trailer for the forthcoming update below.

The Snow & Steam update will be landing in mid-December for Torchlight 3 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.


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