ngmoco has announced that Topple 2 for iPhone and iPod Touch is now available from the Apple App Store. The sequel to ngmoco's popular Topple, which attracted more than 3 million downloads, adds four new game modes and incorporates online multiplayer capabilities.

"ngmoco is excited to add Topple 2 to the company's award winning line-up of games on the Apple App Store," said Neil Young, CEO and Founder of ngmoco. "Following the amazing success of Topple, we are proud to take Topple 2 to the next level, integrating new and innovative gameplay features for iPhone and iPod touch users everywhere."

The sequel builds on the fast-paced gameplay mechanics introduced in Topple. The Multi-Touch user interface and accelerometer technologies of the iPhone and iPod touch challenge users to balance and stack fun, playful Topple blocks without tipping over.

Topple 2 offers over 30 different levels and six brand new Topple worlds. Upside-down mode inverts gravity for a "topsy-turvy" play experience while Balance mode weighs two towers against each other. Also new is Power Tower mode which challenges players to construct a power line using conductive blocks, while Rescue mode requires players to save the precious golden egg.

The sequel also introduces two unique ways for fans to play with friends. Players can go head-to-head in a real-time multiplayer stack attack over Wi-Fi. Alternatively, if a player is on the move they can send "ghost" play-through requests for friends to accept challenges at their leisure.

Topple 2 is available now at an introductory price of $2.99 from Apple's App Store.