The Switch version of Fortnite Battle Royale has surpassed two million downloads just one day after release, Nintendo of America has announced.

Launching after the company's E3 press event Tuesday afternoon, Fortnite Switch joins the existing PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One, and mobile versions of the last-man-standing shooter, which is pretty much the biggest thing on the planet right now.

In fact, it's so big, that Phil and Holly featured it on This Morning yet again this week, where a mother said the NHS were going to treat her son for Fortnite addiction. Blimey.

Frustratingly, the game's launch on Ninty's platform was marred by the fact the game is not playable on Switch if you already have an account linked with the PS4 version (and vice versa). No one seems to know why yet, but Sony's taking the pointy end of the blame stick.

Developer Epic Games recently confirmed that there's no plans to release Save the World for the Switch version of Fortnite.

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