UPDATE: Titanfall may be getting a Season Pass after all. In an update posted this evening, Respawn clarified that it meant to say that Titanfall won't require an Online Pass, not that it won't be receiving a Season Pass.

"Sorry for any confusion," the studio said. "There is no ONLINE pass for Titanfall. We have no details to announce around a Season Pass at this time."

ORIGINAL REPORT: A Season Pass will not be available for Titanfall, Respawn has confirmed.

The decision suggests that DLC will only be available to purchase in individual packs, with post-launch content already believed to be in the planning stages.

Skipping a Season Pass seems an unusual move for publisher EA, which has already offered a similar service for Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4.

Season Passes have become widely adopted by multiplayer shooters in recent years, offering a discount on a game's DLC to those willing to pay an upfront price.

Titanfall launches on Xbox One and PC on March 14 and two weeks later on Xbox 360.

Source: @titanfallgame