Titanfall is to receive a graphical boost on PC thanks to a partnership with Nvidia, the graphics chip maker has revealed.

"Now, we'll be working with Titanfall's game developer, Respawn Entertainment, to keep their multiplayer, first-person shooter at the cutting edge of image quality," explained Ashu Rege, vice president, game content and technology at Nvidia.

Nvidia's engineers are working with Respawn to add support for a number of Nvidia GameWorks features into Titanfall. These include temporal anti-aliasing (TXAA) and Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion+.

TXAA is  a film-style anti-aliasing technique that reduces the crawling and flickering seen in motion when playing games. You're promised a smooth, clear image by combining high-quality multi-sample anti-aliasing, post processes, and Nvidia-designed filters.

Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion+ (HBAO+) technologies create more lifelike shadows, utitlising advanced algorithms to create shadows that react accurately on and around objects.

Respawn will also release updates to support 4k displays, and SLI multi-GPU tech.

Source: Nvidia blog