Mythological action-RPG Titan Quest and Red Faction Armageddon's Path to War DLC have been added to the pay-what-you-want Humble THQ Bundle.

Both titles will become available to players who pay (or have already paid) over the average amount for the bundle, in addition to the seven games previously included, including Saints Row: The Third, Darksiders, Metro 2033, Red Faction Armageddon and three Company of Heroes titles.

Each one can be registered on Steam.

At the time of writing, 688,677 people had each spent an average of $5.61 (£3.50 GBP) on the bundle, raising $3,861,833.10 (£2,407,830.05).

The highest contributors include THQ CEO Brian Farrell and president Jason Rubin. World of Tanks developer is also one of the bundle's highest contributors, pledging $1,600.48 (£997.89).

The bundle is due to draw to a close on Wednesday night.

Source: Humble THQ Bundle