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TimeSplitters 2 full version unlock code found within Homefront: The Revolution

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A code unlocking the entirety of classic FPS classic TimeSplitters 2 has been uncovered in 2016 shooter Homefront: The Revolution some five years following the latter's release thanks to an internet hunt sparked by a former developer on the game.

During the recent Easter Holiday weekend, former developer for Dambuster Studios Matt Phillips offered up his favourite easter egg he'd smuggled into a game as when he managed to put in two levels from 2002 Free Radical game TimeSplitters 2 into Homefront: The Revolution that were fully playable even in 4K resolution. However, he also added that he had, in fact, managed to put the whole game in there with the rest able to be unlocked via a secret code.

Homefront: The Revolution

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May 17, 2016