The EDGE trademark controversially held by Tim Langdell has been cancelled by court order, court documents dated April 17 have confirmed.

This brings an end to a long-running legal battle dating back to 2009 to free the EDGE trademark from Langdell's grasp. The court's decision is of great interest to Mobigame, whose EDGE games can now be sold without consequence.

Langdell had also filed lawsuits against EA over Mirror's Edge, and kicked up a fuss over Future Publishing's Edge magazine.

"It took us 2 years to create EDGE from scratch, then we waited 4 additional years for this day to happen," commented EDGE creator David Papazian. "This story represent 6 years of our lives but now the road is totally clear for EDGE. We are so happy for all the victims of this trademark troll, truth and justice finally won!"

In celebration of this victory all versions of EDGE are currently discounted by at least 50 per cent.

The decision also clears the way for EA and DICE to announce a next generation version of Mirror's Edge. You've no excuse now EA.

Source: Two Tribes