Nintendo has revealed that Punch-Out!!, which will be released for Wii on Friday, will see the return of three fan favourite characters: Piston Hondo, Great Tiger and Bear Hugger.

Piston Hondo: From Tokyo, Japan and ranked 3rd in the Major Circuit, Hondo is not to be trifled with. His special move is an impressive series of quick-fire jabs. He is a fighter that can overwhelm opponents with his speed and send them down to the mat, but his politeness may become his weakness.

Great Tiger: A boxer from India, Tiger is another tough customer who tries to throw you off with his magical powers. One minute he's standing there, the next he's gone. You'll have to make sure you can pick out the real Great Tiger when he splits in two as well, or he'll be seeing double long after the final bell.

Bear Hugger Originally a carpenter from Salmon Arm, Canada, this heavyweight grew up battling the wild animals of the forest...apart from his pet Grizzly Bear, which was his closest rival until he left home to begin his pro career. Bear Hugger will be happy to teach you the necessity of flexible defence... and to knock you out!

Players will need to fight their way past 13 tough opponents to become World Champion, which once obtained will need to be defended, just as in real life. In the new Title Defence Mode opponents will be tougher, pushing your skills harder than ever before.

Punch-Out!! is scheduled for release only on Wii on May 22, 2009.