by on Oct 24, 2005

THQ to distribute Stubbs the Zombie

THQ has come to an agreement with Aspyr giving them the distribution rights to Stubbs the Zombie in Pal territories. Stubbs the Zombie is a zombie action game a little different to what we have come to expect from games featuring the flesh eating monsters. Developed by ex Bungie Studio veterans the game uses an updated Halo Engine “to deliver a stirring tale of one man’s hunger for love, justice… and brains.” The game is said to have a new AI system giving life to “the most keenly intelligent mindless zombies in the history of video games.” There’s something quite amusing about an AI system to model the behaviour of a mindless zombie.

THQ will distribute the game on Xbox in all territories outside North America and Japan, and the PC version in all territories outside North America, Japan, Russia, Slovenia, Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic.

Stubbs is expected to be released for both Xbox and PC in February 2006.


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Stubbs the Zombie

on PC, Xbox

Unique action game where you take the role of a zombie who…

Release Date:

17 February 2006